A Guide To Maximalism.

Growing up my room was a mess. It made absolutely no sense. My room was essentially the definition of clutter. In a literal sense there was not trash everywhere. However, every piece of furniture had no business coexisting together. Picture two bunk beds, one metal and one wooden, facing each other. This accompanied by a dresser of a different finish of wood than the bunkbed. A toy chest of a different shade of wood than the dresser and the bed. And finally the top bunk of each bunkbed lined with folded clothes. I have since gotten a new room, thank God. The thing is growing up I did not think much of the design of things. This was the room I shared room with my sister. We were impartial to the design and our only complaint was, “Mom, can you use your own closet”. All of the clothes made our New York room seem even smaller. Other than that we were in perfect peace with our room…. until I discovered HGTV. “Wait a minute”.